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Gathering with family on Easter is happiness for everyone concerned. Take advantage of the opportunity to do activities and activities that are fun. Various kinds of easter activitity from beautifying the easter egg with colors, interesting easter egg creations, fun outer racing, egg racing with spoons, and many more fun things to do with your family.

Activities with Family during Easter

1. Coloring easter eggs

Easter activity
Coloring easter eggs

This Easter egg is a Christian tradition that is still preserved today. The meaning from the outside is very religious by teaching the values ​​that exist in religion in a creative way to make Easter eggs colorful with the family. Use water thanks to vinegar water for a cat base, which does not have a special dye cat. The natural way is to use the filtered juice on fruits, vegetables, for example purple cabbage, blueberries, beets, or onion skins. Not only that, food coloring can also be used or natural dyes. Use a boiled egg and a small brush for drawing and coloring.

2. Unique interesting egg creations

Easter activity
Unique interesting egg creations

Coloring these eggs may be quite the norm. However, families can try creating Easter eggs to make them more attractive. For example, making ridiculous manipulations or tricks of laying eggs on a base shaped like a rabbit. Can use the roll on toilet paper with the roll of paper as a bunny bed. It's like a roll of toilet paper rolled in half. After that, make a few patterns like a rabbit's head with two ears complete. Then, join the other rolls in the bunny pattern that you made. Give dye to make it look prettier. Use a towel liner to keep the eggs safe.

3. Egg soup using a spoon

Easter activity
Egg soup using a spoon

Holidays to make it more interesting, usually every family makes family games by holding exhibition ceremonies. Plastic toy eggs and colorful spoons. Then direct the players to be bitten by a spoon that already contains eggs. Wait for cues so that the game becomes sporty or there is no cheating. The game is very simple by walking the line to complete the egg, still in a safe state, the survival will be the winner.

4. Stay at the hotel

Easter activity
Stay at the hotel

Staying at a hotel is another alternative by vacationing with family. Choosing accommodation with various facilities according to your needs to meet your needs during the Easter holidays.

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